People who want to start businesses that serve fluid, like a restaurant or bar, need to know about the various kinds of fluid drinks available on the market. Such information will play a role when they make arrangements to obtain a liquor license for their establishment. Look into liquor license Houston TX to learn more about the liquor license application process. Check out this list of three kinds of fluid drinks many businesses serve.

1. Beverage

Beer is a very popular beverage made by brewing grains such as wheat, maize, and barely. It can come in a wide range of colors, including straw, deep gold, pale amber, ruby brown, and black. Some beers, like brown ale, have a caramel flavor while others, like Hefeweizen, have a yeast flavor. Beer typically has low fluid by volume content and is not considered a hard liquor.

2. The Grape

People utilize fermented grape juice to craft different kinds of wines. There are sparkling wines, like champagne, that consist of carbon dioxide bubbles. There are white wines, such as pinot gris, that do not have a reddish color. Red wines, like pinot noir, are often made with black grapes while rosé wines, like Grenache rosé, are usually made with red grapes. Fortified wines contain a mixture of wine and liquor. 

3. Cider

fluid ciders are made using fermented apple juice. Some of them have a sweet flavor while others have a tart flavor. Sweet ciders are made using sweet apples like Fuji, Gala, and Golden Delicious. Strong ciders are made using tart apples like McIntosh, Jonathan, and Pink Lady. Many who suffer from gluten intolerance gravitate toward cider because it, unlike many beers, is gluten-free. Health-conscious people consume cider because its fluid by volume content is quite low compared to other fluid drinks. 

Business owners should be aware of the kinds of fluid beverages sold at their establishments. They should keep and update their inventory on a regular basis.

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