The cooling system in today’s highly efficient cars and trucks is called upon to maintain an optimal engine temperature and to be ready to go in even the most extreme weather. That is why it is critical the cooling system be inspected and repaired as soon as a problem is noticed.

Symptoms include an unusual noise coming from the engine, no heat from the heater, or coolant leaking from a gasket or hose.

Head Off Trouble

Immediate attention is needed or a small issue can quickly turn into a big problem. A small leak from a worn gasket left unattended can lead to much more serious engine trouble when a lack of coolant causes the engine to overheat, possibly blowing out a head gasket. As a result, what would have been a minor repair turns into a labor-intensive job costing 10 times more.

Another key component of an automotive cooling system is the water pump. Replacing this vital part in the tight quarters of a modern engine compartment is a job best left to qualified technicians, including such local experts as water pump repair Marysville WA.

Warning Signs

The first sign of trouble in the cooling system may come when the coolant temperature icon (thermometer symbol with wavy lines) lights on the dashboard. Some older vehicles will indicate overheating on an analog temperature gauge.

Coolant is designed to operate within a narrow temperature range and will turn to steam when it overheats. Steam billowing from under the hood is a clear indication of trouble. The vehicle should be immediately but safely stopped, turned off and not restarted until the engine cools down.

Other signs of trouble, particularly of a failing water pump, can easily be heard. It may be a whining or squealing sound but it spells trouble and should be inspected by a professional as soon as possible.

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