If you have ever worried about traveling by airplane, the good news is there are several other kinds of modes of transportation you can use to travel from here to there. Traveling by airplane can be an overwhelming process for those who haven’t traveled by plane often. With screenings and check ins, to the bumpy take offs and unfamiliar sounds in air, traveling by airplane is not meant for everyone.


A common alternative to airplanes is to travel by train. No more worrying about what makes a plane fly or if the aircraft rivets have been properly inspected. Trains offer the comfort of being on the ground and are still faster than cars. Trains also don’t require as intense of a pre-screening process to check in and board. There is more freedom with what you can wear and even more when it comes to what you can pack when traveling by train. While not every train will get you a one way ticket to your destination, transfers are something you might experience with both planes and trains.


Cruise ships offer another unique method of transportation that isn’t quite in the air or on land. As long as you are not prone to getting sea sick, cruise ships offer a luxurious and comfortable way to travel by sea. Cruise ships are often equipped with several amenities like pools, foot courts, private suites, activities and live entertainment. These ships have so much going on that you might even consider them a great vacation on the way to your vacation destination.

Besides a good old fashion car, which could limit how far you want to travel, there are still several other modes of transportation you can take if you prefer to avoid planes. You can find a safe and functional method of travel without facing your fears or concerns with air travel.

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