If you must take a medical leave of absence or cannot work due to injury, you may find yourself trying to survive on little to no regular income.

You may be able to rely on your savings for a while. Yet, it might still be wise to find supplemental income and stretch every dollar until you’re healthy enough to work again.

Max Out Financial Aid

Many employers offer short- and long-term disability insurance benefits, which can help you through the first few days of absence and continue for months. It may also be possible to seek unemployment or other government benefits, depending upon your unique situation. If your injury or medical condition directly resulted from your job duties, you could receive wage loss benefits Oregon by filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Cut Down on Expenses

Even if you already run a thrifty household, there is almost always more you can do to make your money last. The key is to trim back while still maintaining a few creature comforts so that frugality won’t seem so harsh.

For example, you may forego the movie theater in favor of watching them on television. However, you don’t necessarily need the hundreds of channels supplied by cable or satellite providers. Keep your high-speed internet connection and find thousands of programs on an inexpensive streaming service.

Make Extra Money With Freelance Work

Being sick, housebound and bored can be a psychological death sentence. Fortunately, many activities that can keep you busy while you’re out of the workforce could also be financially lucrative. It is becoming easier every day to work remotely from your computer, and you could work as a writer, a virtual personal assistant or a data-entry clerk, to name a few.

Whether you have a talent that you’ve always wanted to nurture or simply wish to fill your days with a productive effort, working from home can do both and give you an income stream to help you through a challenging financial period.

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