Protecting yourself is of the utmost importance, and concealed carrying your handgun is a safe way to provide extra security for those around you — however, there are some things you should keep in mind when choosing ccw dress clothes. Here are a few tips for dressing to concealed carry.

Maintain Ease of Access

You want your firearm to be easily accessible in case of an emergency, so choose wisely when deciding where on your body to carry. Appendix and strong hip carrying are both effective, but may require extra coverage to decrease printing. For a skirt or dress, thigh carrying may be the option for you. It’s all about keeping the firearm well within your grasp.

Add a Loose Layer

If you’re concealed carrying, you don’t want your firearm to be immediately visible to others. By wearing an untucked shirt or adding a loose jacket to your ensemble, you provide additional coverage and keep your weapon out of sight. If you’re wearing loose-fitted pants, it’s fairly easy to ankle carry under the cover of your pant legs. No matter where you position it, always carry your weapon in an approved holster.

Keep Comfort in Mind

Comfort and mobility go hand in hand here. If you’re going to carry for a lengthy period of time, you don’t want your firearm prodding you in the stomach, your holster squeezing too tightly or your weapon shifting uncomfortably when you sit or stand. All the same, you want to wear clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement in the event that you need to use your firearm.

Concealed carrying comes with a multitude of benefits, and dressing properly to carry isn’t hard when you know how. Remember that your firearm is the primary accessory in this outfit and that building around it will help you carry comfortably and with ease.

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