Once a person becomes a notary, he or she needs to have a few essential supplies. These range from simple everyday office items like pens, to specific tools like specially designed stamps. Below are some pieces of specialized tools a notary needs and tips on how to find them.


One thing a notary needs in almost every state is an ink or embossing seal stamp. To know where to get a notary stamp, you will need to contact your state’s local notary office. Typically speaking, you can buy most notary supplies from local notary offices or from companies online that specialize in selling notary supplies. However, you need to make sure that the stamps are up-to-code with your state, or else they may be considered invalid.

Receipt Books

Having a receipt book on hand is a great way to keep track of your finances. Many notaries keep their position as a way to make money on the side of their regular job. Even if someone works as a notary full-time, it is still important to keep their business records separate from their personal records. Unlike notary stamps, there no one type of receipt book that is required. Just use whatever type of receipt book works best for you!

Computer Security Systems

Notaries often have access to people’s personal records and other sensitive materials. Many of these materials are more likely to be saved as digital copies than as hard copies. For this reason, it is important that a notary has a reliable computer security system. This way, both the notary and their customers can rest assured, knowing that their information is safe. Some of the best computer security system companies include Microsoft, McAfee, and Cisco.

If you are looking into becoming a notary, or already are one, make sure you have these supplies. Not only are they essential for your job, but they will also make your job much easier to complete.

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