We’ve all seen old detective movies where the hard-living, hard-nosed PI becomes entangled in the deadly affairs of beautiful women and powerful men. In reality, modern investigators are more like bureaucrats, bounty hunters and problem solvers for the average Joe or Jane. A PI could possibly even help you.

Private Eyes for Legal Eagles

The detective trade has always had a close, if contentious, relationship to the legal community. Since official tensions have now cooled, private investigation Boise ID is routinely provided for lawyers, performing a lot of the legwork critical in securing their cases. Believe it or not, private detectives often act as process servers, delivering in-person documents such as summonses, subpoenas and divorce papers to specific parties. Trained agents know how to follow the precise legal formalities, and protect themselves should the subject turn hostile. Some specialize in “skip tracing“, tracking down disappeared clients, reluctant witnesses and others who’d rather not be found.

Private Eyes in the Corporate World

Attorneys aren’t the only businesses to benefit from detectives’ expertise. Investors vetting unknown ventures or employers screening new hires use sleuths for in-depth background checks. Human operatives have clear advantages over internet records brokers. Rather than reams of random data, a real PI parses through all available records, online or otherwise, and organizes a report with the relevant information for clients to make a decision. Investigators may also manage consumer fraud cases or issues of internal misconduct within companies.

Private Eyes for Private People

You need not be a professional to hire a private eye. Detectives handle the same personal matters they’ve done throughout history. Finding a lost relative or other missing person is still a standard assignment. Plenty of time is spent as well uncovering and documenting the dirty doings of one relationship partner on behalf of another. Expert investigators will even personally present their evidence in court.

Far from a thing of the past, a PI’s skill set is well-suited to the information age. Visit investigators near you to discover their services.

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