Passing an accident scene on your way to work may be disheartening and set a somber mood. You may wonder what led to the tragedy and if anyone was seriously hurt. The truth is, car accidents happen often. Sometimes, these crashes are unavoidable. However, most of the time, these accidents are caused by preventable means. Learn more about the top causes of car accidents to help prevent finding yourself in one.

Distracted Driving

Cellphones can do amazing things and make life easier in many ways. They can also become a significant factor in causing a car accident. When a driver picks up a cellphone to do anything, their attention diverts from the road ahead. Even a few seconds of distraction can end in a collision. While smartphones manufacturers and car companies have attempted to integrate the technology to cut down on distracted driving, the opposite has occurred. Drivers are too often attuned to their infotainment systems for GPS directions, incoming text messages and changing the songs on their playlist. Distracted driving accounts for most of the accidents on the roadway today.

Driving Under the Influence

People who get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol put everyone else in danger. While one or two beers may not seem too intoxicating, the fact remains that the senses are dulled and reflexes stalled. When a drunk driver causes an accident, there is a chance the victim will need a personal injury lawyer Durham to help recover the money necessary for medical care. The accidents may result in fatalities at a higher rate.

Excessive Speeding

Speed limits exist to help drivers stay safe. Exceeding them by any amount can result in a loss of control of the vehicle. If the car in front stops short, a car going too fast will likely strike it, causing an avoidable collision.

There are many reasons an accident might happen. Most of them come down to a lapse in judgment by the driver. It’s important to take measures not to become a statistic.

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