Suffering from dog and animal bites Los Angeles CA is never pleasant, but without a quick response and preparedness, they can even become dangerous to your health. If you or a loved one get bitten by an animal, knowing what next steps you need to take can make all the difference in quick recovery. To prepare yourself, read over these essential emergency tips.

1. Wash the Area Out Quickly

When a bite occurs, you need to act quickly, and the first step is typically to wash the bite out right away. Simple soap and water is fine for this purpose. If there’s any bleeding, apply pressure with a clean piece of cloth, or with sterile gauze, to stop it.

2. Use Antibiotic Cream and Bandage the Area

Once you’ve washed out the bite, you can apply some antibiotic cream or ointment and bandage the area up. Sterile gauze usually makes a good bandage. If the person attacked is experiencing significant pain or if the bite is particularly deep, you may want to call your doctor or even drive to the emergency room to be safe.

3. Take Pain Medication As Necessary

While you don’t want to turn to pain medication as a first line of defense and you certainly don’t want to overdo it, in some cases, it may be necessary to help the bite victim cope as they get help for the wound. Common medications include ibuprofen or acetaminophen. If you have small children, consult with your doctor about appropriate medications and dosages.

When a dog or other animal unexpectedly bites you or a loved one, make sure you address it right away. In these cases, quick response usually makes a big difference in factors like recovery time and long-term effects. Commit these foundational tips to memory and you’ll be ready if an animal bite does occur.

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