Not all relationships last. Unfortunately, the bliss that existed at the beginning fades, broken up for different reasons. When that happens, sometimes the best option is to end the union, creating a new path. That may seem like a simple process. Certainly, you can just sign some papers and locate a new place. But for many, the experience is more complicated. You’re likely going to run into some arguments and hiccups along the way; therefore, it could be in your best interest to research divorce lawyer West Des Moines IA to find someone experienced who can assist you in the proceedings. Here are three things you’ll want to discuss with your attorney.

1. Property Division

Splitting up the assets can take a while and may become a frustrating process. Houses, cars, bank accounts and personal valuables must be considered. Your legal team can discuss how to handle the financial element and negotiate who takes certain possessions. If there is something you desire, be clear about it. Write down your wishes, and be prepared to sacrifice something for it. 

2. Custody Arrangements

One of the most difficult conversations can be who gets the majority of the time with the kids. Many judges prefer shared custody; however, it isn’t always that simple. Be candid about your spouse’s behavior and attention. Also, think of the children themselves and what is best for them. Work out a schedule that permits visitation, and if possible, try to remain positive in front of little ones.

3. Support

In some marriages, one person may have given up employment to tend to run the household, sacrificing career development. In this case, money might be needed to aid in paying bills and getting back on track. Alimony and child support exist for this very reason. Determine how much will be required for food and housing. Then, your attorney can make a case for how much should be provided.

Before you can start anew, you’ll have to wrap up some details. Be patient and communicate with the attorney regularly. 

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