Many people talk about the very real emotional heartache that comes from losing a loved one unexpectedly. What many don’t realize is that an unexpected death in the family often means financial turmoil for the surviving members. Funeral costs, medical bills, and living expenses pile up even as people are grieving. A wrongful death suit could provide you the money you need to cover unexpected bills and continued living expenses.

Does the Victim Fit the Criteria?

Only a lawyer can truly tell you if you have a case for a wrongful death lawsuit West Covina CA. However, some common situations often go before judges. You are more likely to have a case if the victim was intentionally killed, was the victim of medical malpractice, or died as the result of a car accident in which the responsible driver was negligent.

Can You Prove the Claim in Court?

If you want the courts to hold the defendant liable, you must first prove he or she was truly responsible for the victim’s death. Proving negligence of any kind on your own will be difficult, so working with an attorney is important. This way, you are more likely to find and provide proof of medical malpractice, negligent driving, or a breach of care duty. Depending on the circumstances of the death, finding proof could mean hiring expert witnesses or other professionals. 

Are You Eligible File the Claim?

To hire an attorney and see your day in court, you must be a representative of the family. In California, you can file a claim if you are the spouse, domestic partner, or child of the deceased. If you are a parent, sibling, or someone else along the line of intestate succession, you can only file if there is no surviving spouse, partner, or child.

Losing a loved one is already emotionally trying. No grieving person should need to deal with financial turmoil on top of everything else. Reach out to an attorney if you suspect you have a wrongful death case. 

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