If you or a loved one has been arrested, there are certain steps the process generally follows. Knowing what to expect can help those who are placed under arrest think clearly and make helpful decisions. Here are four events to expect during and after an arrest.  

Reading of Your Rights

When the police take people into custody, they are required by law to read people a statement of their legal rights. This step was made law in a 1966 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in the case of Miranda v. Arizona. The legal rights police read to those being detained and questioned are known as their Miranda rights.


After police detain an individual, they may do a pat-down search to check for weapons or illegal items. Later, they may do a full-body search. If they seize the individual’s vehicle, they may also search that. Individuals are taken to the police station and undergo a process called booking. Police will ask basic questions and also may ask about general health and even current state of mind. They will take possession of any items a person has and may ask those arrested to sign an inventory. During this step police will take fingerprints and also a photograph. Those arrested may choose to get an attorney at this point.

Jail and Court Appearance

Individuals being held in jail may be able to get out with the help of felony bail bonds Yadkin NC. In this process, approved professionals pay the court money so an individual can be released from jail. If the individual shows up to the scheduled court appearance, the money is returned. If the individual fails to appear in court or flees, the court keeps the money and may issue an arrest warrant. The initial court appearance is called an arraignment.

Being arrested can be shocking and frightening, but understanding the procedures that will follow help detainees stay calm. Knowing individual rights and actions to take at each step often make the process less painful. When the detainee knows what to do, they will not feel as helpless.

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