Sometimes a lapse of judgement leads to an arrest. If it’s your first arrest and you were given a date to return to the court, after your fingerprints were taken, you should become aware of the process and cooperate throughout. 

Court Appearance With a Lawyer

You will need a lawyer, and not just any lawyer, but a criminal defense Jacksonville NC. A criminal defense attorney will collect the materials and evidence needed to provide a good defense and negotiate a plea. Your attorney will communicate with the court and the district attorney’s office. If you and your attorney want to fight your charges, you may find yourself facing a trial, but most cases end in a plea. If the case is a misdemeanor charge, it likely will remain in District Court, even if there’s a trial. Sometimes a defense attorney can get the charges lowered and negotiate a fine or community service over jail time, depending on the severity of the crime. Be sure to communicate with your attorney so that you both understand what course of action will be taken in court.

Settling a case in court takes time. Sometimes a case can take several weeks or months to resolve for misdemeanor charges. If you go to trial, it can take months to years. Common criminal charges include driving while intoxicated, larceny and possession of a controlled substance. 

Standing Before a Judge

Be sure to be on time and dress appropriately. Some people bring family and friends for support. If your attorney cannot make the appearance and cannot get the case adjourned, make sure you still appear, if you are supposed to. Missing your court appearances can lead to failure to appear charges. Those additional charges can lead to an arrest warrant.

When you stand in court, be respectful to the judge, the prosecutors and the court officers.

Mistakes happen. Take accountability and move forward.

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