Workplace injuries cost the United States billions of dollars every year, and these injuries can devastate the individual who is injured. In addition, those who seek legal counsel, such as a workers comp attorney Portland Oregon, have much larger settlements and receive much better treatment than those who do not. However, it is important to know when to seek legal counsel.

Difficulty Getting Benefits

If you are having difficulty receiving approvals for medical treatments, especially if your doctor states that the treatment is necessary to fix or mitigate your work-related injury, a legal professional may be able to help. In addition, those who cannot get their lost wages paid or who are permanently or partially disabled may want to seek legal counsel.

Build a Case

A knowledgeable, experienced workers’ compensation lawyer is able to quickly and efficiently determine the merits of a case. These professionals also understand what would make the case stronger and all the documentation necessary to prove the case. They also have access to investigative processes that may reveal past safety violations within the company. A great attorney will guide a client through the process.

Laws and Process

Workers’ compensation laws differ by state. For example, some states provide 12 months to make a claim, while others give claimants 2 years. In addition, Texas doesn’t require companies to purchase workers’ compensation insurance unless they have government contracts.

The claims and settlement processes are also complicated. An injured worker may have to negotiate with the insurance company and file appeals, and they may not understand the process, putting them in jeopardy of losing the case. A workers’ compensation attorney understands and can guide the claimant through the process. These professionals work with the insurance company or through the court system to get you the best settlement and treatment.

If you have been injured and are unsure about the process or are having difficulty getting the treatment you need, consider consulting a workers’ compensation attorney.

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