SponsorshipLawyer is one of the fully licensed and insured Canadian law firm focusing on different kinds of sponsorship applications. This is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. The firm is delivering unparalleled representation at consistently reasonable fees and reasonable payment plans. They are an immigration law firm specializing in sponsorship applications. They represent clients from all over the world and they can represent clients in almost any language of their choice. Sponsorship Lawyers are also proud to have represented many individuals in their sponsorship cases and to have played a role in helping people start new lives in Canada.

The Various Services Of Sponsorshiplawyer In Toronto

  • Spouse Sponsorship

sponsorship lawyers in toronto, Ontario,Sponsor’s spouse is considered to be the applicant must be legally married. If the marriage did not happen in Canada, then provided that the marriage is legal in the country where it occurred. The marriage will be accepted by the Canadian immigration authorities. The process is making the Canadian immigration authorities believe that your relationship is genuine and it can be tricky. There are three ways in which the relationship may be qualified:

  • Spouse: In this category, the couple must be legally married. If the couple is married in Canada, then a Marriage Certificate must be provided from the relevant territory and province. But, if the marriage took place outside of Canada then the relevant documentation must be provided as proof.
  • Common-law partners: To apply for a visa under the common-law partner category it must be proven that the couple must have lived together for a minimum of one year. This is valid for same-sex, and opposite-sex relationships. Som proof can be provided via financial records such as bills, real estate documents, joint accounts and so on.
  • Conjugal partners
  • Parental Sponsorship

The sponsor must demonstrate a level of financial stability and it can be used to provide for the Parental Sponsorship immigrant in the event. This sponsor specific attention is given to providing the food, shelter, clothing, and any other basic living requirement.

  • Child Sponsorship

One of the priorities of the Canadian Immigration Office is child sponsorship because they understand the urgency of providing stability for a child. However, there is still a process that must be completed and requirements must be met. But, if you are worried about your child sponsorship visa success, then you can invest in their experienced immigration law firm. They have handled many cases and understand what it takes to increase the speed of the application process and the success rate. There are rules regarding the person that can be sponsored the following:

  • The individual must be under 22 years of age.
  • They cannot have a common-law partner or spouse.

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