You don’t have to go through a divorce to seek the help a family law attorney can provide, but a lawyer can certainly help during a marital split. He or she can also help in more than a dozen other areas of law. Here are just a few of the legal complications that you will need to find legal assistance with in the field of family law.

1. Paternity

A child’s paternity centers around the legal recognition of a genetically established father. Once he has been determined to be the biological dad, the courts can award the individual joint custody of the child or children, even if the mother argues against the action. At this time, child support is often established as well.

2. Injunctions

The permanent removal of a person from the house, and prohibiting contact with some people, is what an injunction is all about. Usually founded on violence or harassment, the domestic injunctions take the place of restraining orders in many jurisdictions.

3. Child Support

Any legal modification to child support takes place with the help of a family law attorney. Although parents can make agreements about support, the court is not mandated by law to back those agreements. For the safety of your children, make sure the modifications are court-sanctioned.

4. Adoptions

Adoption is a legal transaction between four adults and the court. This transaction allows a family law Hernando County FL attorney to help a child born to one set of parents to transfer legal parenthood to another set of parents. When this occurs, the transaction is immutable and irrevocable for the life of all parties.

If you have questions about any legal area related to your family, contact your attorney to help you through the situation. It is always better to know where you stand with the law than to be dealt with a mammoth surprise.

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