About John Wu

John Wu is a lawyer specialising in Corporate Law, but has interests in various areas across the legal fields

My experiences in life have led me down many possible paths. If I could, I would have pursued every legal practice I could. The world of law is fascinating, near endlessly so. Dissecting it is a lifetime of work, and even then it would only achieve a fraction of what is out there to do so.

My name is John. Not my birth name, but the name I’ve given myself. My family comes from Hong Kong, though we left when I was a teenager due to the changing political climate. We arrived in the US, and found work across the country before eventually settling in Minnesota. It is a very different place, but a good place.

From there, my interest in politics grew, but so did my interest in the legal system we found ourselves in. It became an obsession, comparing the differences between laws here and back in Hong Kong. Soon, it became an interest in comparing to other countries. I was looking to the future of the law in its past, trying to find the connections, the common threads.

Law Future gains its name from the understanding this gave me. The law is the future. It is the past and present too, a dictation of a country’s being in many ways.

Outside of the law, I enjoy spending time keeping myself fit and healthy. I am at the gym, or running through the park, as much as I can between work and rest. Otherwise, I spend time working on my money – a skill my mother hammered into me at a young age, teaching me the import of such things. 

So, why make a blog when time is short? Because I also believe in sharing knowledge. Keeping things to yourself entirely isn’t wise. Sharing knowledge shares understanding. It is a human thing to do. And so, please enjoy this blog, where I share what I have learned and hope people can find what works for them from it.

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